Oct 252008

i am writing this in english because i want the delinquent to find and read it. anyhoot: i saw johnny falstaff performing with kim carson in the summer of 2007 in solothurn, switzerland. and it was awesome. if i was a heterosexual woman or a gay man, he’d be in my fantasies. alot.
here he is in action with the amazing kim carson:

at the show in solothurn, he rocked really hard and that was quite a sight and sound. after i got home from solothurn, i went straight to the innerned bought his first disc and the songs didn’t disappear from my mp3 phone’s ‘most listened to list’ ever since. unfortunately i could not go to any of the 2008 european tour, so couldn’t see him play again. but his new record came earlier this month, so i ordered it from overseas and since i got it in the mail, its most ‘listened to list’ all over again. this album is pretty short, twice as sweet and sappy in a very good way: 10 awesome, awesome, awesome original honky tonk numbers that either make it hard to sit still when you listen to it or hard to say or do anything when you hit the sad, sad, ballads. if you ever wanted to get a real country album, but swore you’d only buy one single one, this is a purdy darn good bet. buy it at cdbaby.com!
even though there’s a few gems on falstaff’s myspace site to listen to i hope mr. falstaff don’t mind me putting another one, ‘lora lie’, up here. this song honestly makes me all misty, i fainted the first time i listened to it and hit 01:00.

handkerchief ready! turn down the lights and turn on the w(h)ine:

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and just because it is so nice: