Dec 072012

diederik stapel, in his recent book “ontsporing”, characterizes exactly the kind of process that leads to some crazy shit in science – and by this i do not mean fraud, but all the other shenanigans. a seemingly innocent, yet keen characterization of ideology, also in general:

Hoe dikker het web van leugens werd, hoe meer ik begon te geloven dat het allemaal waar was. Dat was de enige manier om het vol te houden. [The thicker the web of lies became, the more I started to believe that it was all true. This was the only way to keep going.]

quoted from Stapel, D. (2012). Ontsporing. Amsterdam: Prometheus. ISBN 978 90 446 2312 3

and keeping going is the most important thing in all of this society. if you do not keep going, you will drown.


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