Jan 142010

this will be on heavy rotation when i’ll be blazin’ through nevada, arizona and californi-a in the near future…
a tribute to the hindenburg desaster applied to a very desastrous desaster of the jim heath variety.

Awe the humanity!
The Reverend Horton Heat [Laughin’ & Cryin’ with the Reverend Horton Heat]

Like a man in love must do.
I was moving in on you.
And I didn’t care how long I’d have to wait.

I knew it was a bet.
But I now know better yet.
That the race was over right out of the game.

Like a big digital ship.
At first a little blip.
Getting bigger, ever bigger in your sky.

But as I got overhead.
You dropped me like a ton of lead.
And I blew up in front of everybodys eyes.

Aw the humanity!
Aw the humanity!
Though it really wasn’t clear
What that guy meant when he said
Aw the humanity!
Aw the humanity!
I was moving in on glory
When all the sudden I was dead
*End Chorus*

Like history being made.
It was watched by a brigade.
Like old news reels they show in matinees.

With the news reels in their eyes.
Even they were most surprised.
It unfolded in an unsuspected way.

The Hindenburg of love.
Had me riding high above.
My head was floating higher than the air.

But it ended in bad news.
Like someone lit a fuse.
And the explosion of my heart caused quite a blare.

Jones and Bonham, Plant and Page.
Put Led Zeppelin on stage.
And the Metlife blimp put Snoopy in the sky.

Honey tell me, whats the deal?
Why I’m now burning in a field?
With sabotage that made our romance die?

You led me to the site.
That dark and faithful night.
My landing lines we’re out and hanging down.

But soon you lit a spark.
Just a small electric ark.
And history just came crashing to the ground.

Aw the humanity!
Aw the humanity!
The announcers words were odd.
But I’m the one who tried to holler.
Aw the humanity!
Aw the humanity!
Our romance ended badly.
In an unsuspected way.

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